Should You Visit The Podiatrist Regularly?

Yes, that is the short answer for most. Our Elko, NV, podiatrist can be your best resource for any ongoing foot or ankle-related condition, they can diagnose any discomfort you may be experiencing, and they can help you prevent complications before they arise. You can learn more about all the benefits of visiting your podiatrist on a regular basis by reaching out to Dr. John Patton.

Foot Pain

Most people who consider a visit to their podiatrist's office do so because they are experiencing some kind of discomfort. Foot pain can be common among those whose job involves a lot of walking, especially if it's over hard and flat surfaces. Being overweight, wearing improperly fitting footwear, and certain foot conditions also increase your chances of developing foot discomfort at some point in your life. Your doctor can provide a number of treatments to reduce or eliminate your pain as well as to address any underlying problem.


Waiting to see your podiatrist until you experience foot pain is not necessarily the best approach. Regular visits with your podiatrist can help you avert many complications. Your doctor can prescribe supportive footwear for your individual needs and treat many conditions with custom orthotics, which can prevent the need for more invasive treatments.


If you suffer from diabetes it is even more important that you see your podiatrist regularly. A common problem among those who struggle with the disease is foot wounds which can form from the smallest injuries. These are difficult to treat and can potentially lead to serious complications if left untreated or not treated early enough. Diabetes not only makes foot conditions and injuries more likely, but it also makes it harder for them to heal, and for you to even notice them due to nerve damage, which is also common with diabetes.

Podiatrist in Elko, NV

Whether your goal is treatment or prevention, you can dial (775) 753-4044 to schedule a consultation with your Elko, NV, podiatrist, Dr. Patton.

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