Helping Treat Your Sports Injuries

Sports injuries happen whenever you least expect them. You may be playing football and all of a sudden your ankle gets twisted or worse. You find yourself unable to continue playing the game and it makes it difficult for you to enjoy the sport you love. Fortunately, we have some treatment options available to you from Dr. John Patton who is a foot and ankle specialist. He is located in Elko, NV and has some information pertaining to sports injuries and how a podiatrist can provide you with unique treatments to help you heal faster and more efficiently so you can get back into the game.

Common Sports Injuries We Treat

Some of the most common sports injuries that we are able to treat consist of:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Heel spurs
  • Blisters

We are able to provide a professional medical assessment of your condition and determine what the best course of action for treatment would be. Oftentimes, our treatments can range from:

  • Instructions on how to treat your condition at home with resources provided by us
  • Icing and elevation
  • Over the counter anti-inflammatories can help treat the targeted area.

Diagnosing Your Condition

For more serious injuries, it is important that we see the entire picture. This is why we use X-rays and MRIs to determine the damage of an injury to your ankle and foot. This will help us determine the severity of the condition and enable us to provide you with recommendations for treatment that we provide, such as physical therapy, strengthening exercises, injections, electrical simulation and much more.

Your Elko, NV Podiatrist

Have you been injured in a sports injury recently and are seeking immediate relief? Let  Dr. John Patton help you at his practice in Elko, NV. He has been treating athletes and non-athletes alike with their sports injuries for years and wants to extend that invitation to you. His practice can be reached at (775) 753-4044 today. Our team of medical assistants will be able to provide information pertaining to your injury and can enable you to sign up for an appointment. We look forward to helping you get back into the game in no time at all.

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