When To See a Podiatrist for Your Foot Pain

Whether your foot pain is severe or simply a mild daily annoyance you should still see your podiatrist for help. Pain is usually a symptom that something has already gone wrong, or will, but that often can still be corrected. Though it may not seem like it's the case, your feet are complex structures, they are also responsible for balancing the weight of your entire body, so if you have foot problems you will want to get them taken care of fast and by a professional who specializes in their care, such as your Elko, NV, podiatrist Dr. John Patton.

Severe Pain

If your foot or ankle pain is severe or have other symptoms such as swelling, numbness, or a visible deformity then what you may be dealing with is an emergency. Seek immediate medical care, contact your podiatrist right away and see if you can be scheduled for a visit or if they recommend visiting an emergency room.

Mild Pain

Not all foot problems or injuries are so severe as to need immediate care, but even mild discomfort could be a sign that you need help. It could be as simple as requiring the correct type of shoe, which your doctor can recommend, or they may prescribe custom orthotics to correct issues related to support. Mild pain can also be a sign that an underlying foot condition is worsening over time, having it corrected in time can save you from severe pain and complications in the future.

No Pain

If you suffer from diabetes, regular visits to your podiatrist are recommended, even if you don't experience any discomfort. In fact, one of the effects of the condition is that you may not be able to feel injuries or wounds at your extremities, with the added complication that because of diabetes, these will heal slower and are more prone to infection.

Podiatrist in Elko, NV

If you would like to schedule a visit with your Elko, NV, podiatrist Dr. Patton you can do so by dialing (775) 753-4044.

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